Mood range feature for AI music composition tool


Amper Music is an artificial intelligence composer, performer, and producer that empowers you to instantly create and customize original music for your content. You select a mood, style, and duration, customize with easy-to-use editing functionality, and in seconds, your original composition is created and broadcast-ready.

Disclaimer This was a design challenge I completed for Amper Music.

Time spent 9 hours

Challenge Design an enhancement to the Amper application that would provide the biggest impact and improvement to the user experience. • Must fit into users’ workflow • Must facilitate finding, creating, and editing music that works

Problem • Users of the simple editor often get confused by the Pro editor interface Users of the Pro editor often get confused by Pro editor capabilities

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User research

I created a persona to help me empathize with the user. This gave me a consistent and archetypal personality, workload, and situation, to keep in mind throughout my design process.

Next, I wrote out a user journey of a video editor who does not use Amper. Since one of the requirements was that this feature must fit seamlessly into the users’ workflow, I wanted to ensure that whatever I designed added more value than inconvenience.

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Simple and Pro editors (left to right)

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