API integration for insurance pricing rater

Business Context

We were expanding InSight, AIG's underwriting workflow tool, to accommodate the Financial Lines Insurance business in the United Kingdom. In order to do this, we had to integrate the applications UK underwriters were currently using into InSight.

To accurately price and quote insurance policies, UK underwriters used an application called Express, an application from P&C insurance software company, Duck Creek. Our goal was to integrate Express into InSight to create a seamless experience for the underwriters using InSight. This integration was crucial because it would set the design and implementation standard for how other raters would be integrated in the future.

Duck Creek Express application

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My role

Other raters created with Excel macros for underwriters in the UK.

I was working in AIG’s Commercial Underwriting department, to help design and build InSight, the go-to workflow application housing all underwriting activity for insurance underwriters.

I also lead the design of the pricing rater integration with outside technology vendor, Duck Creek.

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User flows

The first thing I did was create a user flow that showed the tasks of the participating actors: a Technical Underwriter and a Shared Services user. The Duck Creek integration piece begins as soon as the Shared Services user clicks ‘Start Rater’ on an account. They fill in pricing information for a policy, generate a quote, then bind the policy.

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